Armed and ready to fight (once you've finished this book).

We’re a house built by young females, so when approached by other young females with a product in mind and a goal in sight, we’re ready to support. This week we moved our studio from the office to our house, capturing Z Feed’s latest creation and publication: How To Win Every Argument.

This small soft back book is a bite sized guide informing us how to (you guessed it) win every argument). They’re making big claims, ‘no fluff, no filter’ with each chapter exploring topics from astrology to climate change, pill testing to kombucha.

We won’t give more away as it makes for a nice change to the 500 page novel you can’t finish, and it’s available to purchase through their website. Whether a gift to send to your argumentative arch nemesis or something you keep in your own back pocket in case a heated debate breaks out.

No doubt you’ll be prepped and ready come page 2, good luck.

Get informed and buy now.


Words: Sophia Athas

Photography: Kira Ollmann

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