Flex is here to make sex easier, one convo starter at a time.

FACT: We know the hardest part of talking about sex is starting the conversation. This just made it a whole lot easier.

After over a year in the making, Flex Factory is excited to reveal their new conversation card game, ReFlex Sex. The latest addition to the e-commerce empire founded by digital disrupter (@flex.mami). ReFlex Sex is a conversation card game designed to make anyone and everyone feel empowered to start the dialogue around sex.

"I made ReFlex Sex because our audience lovingly badgered me to do it. They said they wanted to take the critical thinking skills they had learned playing our other games and use it in an area that they needed to see improvement in."

Featuring 50 cards with questions on sex, self-pleasure, trends, wellness, toys and power; the game aims to unlock your ability to get candid on what sex means to you. The intention for ReFlex Sex is to help people explore their relationship, ethics, views towards sex, the sex industry and self-pleasure and can also be a tool for sexually ~ cautious ~ people to start exploring how they feel about it.

ReFlex Sex is now the 3rd full size card game in the ReFlex Series, born from the Flex Factory community.

"I polled my audience of 100K and asked if they felt comfortable talking about sex, if they checked for consent every time, if they were sexually satisfied and if they could confidently ask for what they want in the bedroom. The results were shocking and not in a good way. Which was why I knew that I had to create ReFlex Sex."

Created with all genders, non-genders, and sexual preferences in mind, ReFlex Sex puts inclusivity of language, sexual identities and experiences at the forefront of the experience.

To really make a fuss, Flex Factory decided to partner with the #1 sex toy company in Australia, Lovehoney. Recognising the natural synergy between Flex Factory and Lovehoney, the two joined forces with the aim of getting Australians to open up, and feel empowered to have and start chats about sex, wellness and sexuality. With Lovehoney providing digital support in the hope is to reach as many people as possible with their message of inclusivity and education.

"I'm honestly gobsmacked and frustrated that at literally every single turn, we are inundated with sex-centric content, but yet too many of us don't feel empowered enough to have honest, raw, funny, deep and nuanced conversations about it on our own."

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Written by: Alice Carrett

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