The New Beauty Code

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Who else arranges their top shelf by colour? Us.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to refresh and reimagine how we're greeting the beauty cabinet each day —it’s time for a new approach that speaks to your skin philosophy and your personality. Events are still a rarity but our products are more organised than ever, and we're armed for the day (or night) when a pink Flavedo & Albedo blush is can find her on shelf 2 next to the Kylie Skin.

Kylie Skin Moisturiser - Mecca | Lamav Brightening Vitamin C Oil

Blue: Cool, Calm and Corrected.

You like your textures rich and formulations smart; cue a top shelf of hard working skincare staples from the likes of Fenty Skin, Rationale, Ultra Violette and Summer Fridays. Your regimen (like you) is uncompromising and every step, every layer is considered. Should a product not meet your tough standards? It may as well show itself to the door.

Rationale #4 The Cleanser | Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend | Ultra Violette Extreme Screen | Minnenssy Hydrating SOS Mist | Summer Fridays AHA Solution - Mecca | Clarins Comfort Lip Oil | Fenty Skin Moisturiser - Sephora | Fenty Flyliner | Rationale #4 The Crème

Yellow: Synonymous with self care.

Less is always more is a philosophy that applies to almost everything you do, oozing into your top shelf too. You want to smell good enough to eat but want that product to do more than just dust your skin - you want it working for its space in your top shelf. And if your beauty bits aren’t multitaskers powered by nature, infused with flowers or ripe with fruit extracts, you don’t want to know. Less is more, but never a compromise. Our pick? Playa, Alpha-H and Youth To The People.

Apot.Care Co-Enzine Q10 Pure Serum - Mecca | Glasshouse Fragrances Diffuser | Playa Ritual Hair Oil | Alpha H Vitamin A - Sephora | Youth to The People Eye Cream - Sephora | Lamav Brightening Vitamin C Oil

Pink: A reminder of the post-Glossier crazed world.

You’ll try anything once, letting your top shelf become a graveyard of half squeezed, once-used and overlooked balms, oils and creams. That’s not to say you’re not astute when it comes to beauty, only that you’re a fair-weather fanatic who is easily distracted by the newest, glossiest formulas. Trial Drunk Elephant, Biossance, Huda Beauty and Kylie Skin next to keep your interest piqued.

Kylie Skin Moisturiser - Mecca | Sportsgirl About Gloss Nude | Jurlique Rose Serum | Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum - Mecca | My Clarins Micellar Cleansing Water - Sephora | Dinosaur Designs Resin Pink Ring One and Two | Valet Studio - Emmery Clip | Clarins Joli Rouge Lip Lacquer | Biossance Vitamin C Rose Oil - Sephora | Nudestix Citrus Makeup Melt | Dior Beauty Lip Glow - Sephora | Huda Neon Obsessions - Sephora


Photography: Hatrik House

Written by: Lilith Hardie Lupica

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